(Album Review) “Ghost In The Shadows” by REBELMATIC

Album Review of Rebelamtic's " Ghost in the Shadow" by Scholastic Perspectives


1/24/2022 0 min read

My post contentThe beautiful thing about hardcore is staying true to yourself, standing up for what you believe in and overcome any obstacle no matter how difficult it seems to be. Rebelmatic embodies the hardcore spirit with their latest album entitled “Ghost In The Shadows”, which was released via Red Light Recordings.

If you want ballads or even anything resembling a mid-tempo song, look elsewhere. If you want to kick the teeth down 2020’s throat and want to return to the blood, sweat and tears of a hardcore mosh-pit, then let this record be the soundtrack to that. Tracks such as “Blood and Gold”, “P.O.N.Y.(Product of New York)” and the album opener “Fire This Time”, embodies that victorious attitude that is essential for a NYHC type of album. On a side note, I definitely appreciate “P.O.N.Y.” for the thrash feel of the guitars in the beginning of the song.

The album takes a personal twist into dealing with the trauma of being targeted because they’re black with the track “Insult To Injury”. First of all, the guitars and rhythm section is absolutely freaking intense. The song takes all of the tension and civil unrest that has occurred in 2020 and packs into a keg of gunpowder that’s ready to ignite and explode.

“Pinky Promise” takes on a punk feel about being stabbed in the back. “Show and Prove” has one of the sickest breakdowns I have ever heard in a hardcore track. I envision the pit getting out of control when the breakdown hits and aggression being unleashed.

Rebelmatic has delivered one total kick ass album from the first note to the last note. Furniture is definitely getting moved as grandma gets two-pieced with this album. 9.5 out of 10 stars for this beautifully violent offering. Check out the track listing below:

  1. Fire This Time

  2. Born To Win

  3. Blood and Gold

  4. P.O.N.Y. (Product of New York)

  5. Get It Off

  6. Insult To Injury

  7. Pinky Promise

  8. Show And Prove

  9. Avenger

  10. Emergency Break

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